Yoon's Research Group investigates the local properties of micro/nano structured systems at the length scales of relevant physical processes. Based on this fundamental knowledge, we develop exploratory devices in energy, optoelectronics, and chemical and biomedical applications.

Our current research focuses on the development of in-situ, local measurement techniques using an electron beam and a focused light source. The versatile multi-probe approaches will elucidate structure-property relationship of a wide range of micro/nanomaterials and devices.

Research Topics

Solar Energy

Thin Film Solar Cells: Thin film solar cells are an exciting photovoltaic (PV) technology in the market today, where a thin PV layer (< 5 µm) can absorb over 90% of sunlight. This attractive technique, however, has shown a module

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Multi-probe Microscopy

    The capability to access individual micro/nano structures and to measure their properties is critical for advanced technologies. We develop new characterization techniques by unparalleled integration of micro/nano materials (e.g., quantum dots, nanowires, 2D materials). Our team also focuses

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Interface Engineering

Molecular Junctions : The use of self-assembled monolayer in advanced (opto)electronic devices provides a whole new degree of freedom to integrate hetero-structural nanomaterials in 3D. An example includes molecular junction devices, where the integration strategy combined a high yield parallel

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