Group Photos

Thanksgiving Lunch (November 2022)

(left to clockwise) Etee Roy, Dr. Yoon, Josh Miraglia, Ashif Chowdhury, Ashraful Mamun, and Aaron Coon


Farewell Lunch with Yu-Lin (May 2022)

(left) Yu-Lin Hsu, Ashif Chowdhury, Aaron Coon, Josh Miraglia, Dr. Yoon, Etee Roy


Thanksgiving Lunch (November 2019)

(left to clockwise) David Magginetti, Dr. Yoon, Kaden Powell, Dinorah Segovia, Yang Qian


Farewell Party for Eric and Zijian (June 2017)

(left) Hui, Andrew Baker, Eric Snyder, Dean Collett, David Magginetti, and Zijian Wang


Yoon Research Group (June 2016)

(left) Dean Collett, Eric Snyder, Alvaro Bonilla, Zijian Wang, Dr. Yoon, Austin Koch (right)



Description of Head Picture
EBIC (Electron Beam Induced Current) image of a Cadmium Telluride (p-CdTe) / Cadmium Sulfide (n-CdS) solar cell. An irradiating electron beam into a CdTe absorber creates electron-hole pairs within a corresponding interaction volume. The generated minority carriers that are diffused to the p-n junction are collected, producing a current. The “pebbles” in this current map represent CdTe grains (a few 100 nm to a few 1 μm in size). The carrier collection efficiency is the highest (bright color) when electron beam is positioned near grain boundaries. [Artistic effects were applied.]