2017 04 * Dean wins Senior Project Award

The Technical Open-House is one of the exciting events in the ECE department at the University of Utah. All ECE students must complete a senior project to meet graduation requirements. One-year long senior projects are presented in the conference with students, faculty, and sponsors from industry and national labs.

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Dean gave a final presentation at the Technical Open-House and won the award (Outstanding Electrical Engineering Senior Project).

Dean, lots of Congratulations!!
We are proud of you.

* Pictures from top left to clockwise (students from ECE 3200 class)
(1) Dean and his wife
(2) Phuc and Dean
(3) Lila and Dean
(4) Janna and Dean
(5) Keoki and Dean,
(6) Tenita, Zak, Prof. Joel Harley, Dean, and Kassidee

2017 01 * Dr. Yoon teaches ECE 3200 (Introduction to Semiconductor Physics)

ECE 3200 is a core course for EE major students. Starting from the fundamental atomic structure, we learn the device operations in details. We plan on inviting industry engineers at the end of the semester to learn about the real life problems in semiconductor industry. The students are very much motivated, and I am very happy to work with the students.

(Picture: Students in Spring 2017,  taking Exam 1 in class.)


2016 12 * Gathering with WSU students

We welcome the students from Weber State University (Meagan Parker, Nick Allen). The senior students are working with Prof. Kristin Rabosky  on the projects of perovskite solar cells and SEM-based characterizations. After the campus / facility tour, Yoon’s group students met them at the cafeteria in the Nanofab. We discussed our projects related to SEM. (Naveen Kumar, Meagan Parker, Eric Snyder, Dean Collett, and Nick Allen from the left, clockwise).