2020 12 (ECE 5255/6255) Individual Project Presentation

Thank you for your support for 5255/6255 students. This event has been ended as of 12/14.

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2019 12 eMicroscopy Class

This year, the advanced Electron-Beam Microscopy class (ECE 6960-006) was extended to senior undergrad students (ECE 5960-007). The final project includes a poster presentation of individual students’ projects. The interdisciplinary course provides fundamental knowledge about the (scanning) electron microscopy and the practical lab sessions at Utah’s Nanofab. The best SEM image selected by the guests is “3D microstructured pillar array” taken by Dinorah Segovia (bottom left).  Students, thank you for presenting your beautiful work.

2019 04 I would say… (Technical Open-House)

Every year, the ECE Department organizes the Technical Open-House (see details) for undergraduate students. Dr. Yoon encourages students in her class (ECE 3200: Introduction to Semiconductor Device Physics) to attend this exciting event. Here are some reviews from the students attending the Technical Open-House this year.


The presenters were knowledgeable, confident, and concise. Their use of a large screen to step through the presentation provided clarity and good flow. I appreciated that they took the time to understand the level of understanding their audience would have and broke down highly technical items into bite-sized pieces of information

(taken/described by Todd Renner)

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2018 12 Poster Presentation (eMicroscopy class)

Graduate students in the ECE 6960-006 (eMicroscopy) gave a poster presentation, a part of final project. This interdisciplinary course provides the fundamental knowledge about the (scanning) electron microscopy and the practical lab sessions at the Utah’s Nanofab. The poster session was open to public. Students, thank you for all your hard work!

High resolution SEM imaging of transverse tensile cracks in polymer matrix composites (Caitlin Arndt, Mechanical Engineering)

SEM Porosity characterization of the Jurassic Pimienta Formation (Carlos Vega-Ortiz, Chemical Engineering)

Nanostructure of Cu2O Nanofiber (Karthikeyan Baskaran, Materials Science Engineering)

A look at Resistive RAM (Patsy Cdareanu, Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Electron Microscopy Investigations of asphaltenes precipitation with inorganic solids (Weiyi Kong, Chemical Engineering)

GaN Neutron Radiation (Sam Sprawls, Electrical and Computer Engineering)

2017 01 * Dr. Yoon teaches ECE 3200 (Introduction to Semiconductor Physics)

ECE 3200 is a core course for EE major students. Starting from the fundamental atomic structure, we learn the device operations in details. We plan on inviting industry engineers at the end of the semester to learn about the real life problems in semiconductor industry. The students are very much motivated, and I am very happy to work with the students.

(Picture: Students in Spring 2017,  taking Exam 1 in class.)