2019 04 I would say… (Technical Open-House)

Every year, the ECE Department organizes the Technical Open-House (see details) for undergraduate students. Dr. Yoon encourages students in her class (ECE 3200: Introduction to Semiconductor Device Physics) to attend this exciting event. Here are some reviews from the students attending the Technical Open-House this year.


The presenters were knowledgeable, confident, and concise. Their use of a large screen to step through the presentation provided clarity and good flow. I appreciated that they took the time to understand the level of understanding their audience would have and broke down highly technical items into bite-sized pieces of information

(taken/described by Todd Renner)



This group worked to create a device and app that would monitor a battery inside a backup system to make sure it worked correctly and to alert the company if the battery was needing replacement. I learned that although this is a large company they don’t currently have a system or sensor to detect the need for battery replacement. They normally change it every 3 years which is their maintenance schedule but things can go wrong before that time and can cause power outages for their customers, therefore the need for a monitoring system which was created using sensors and a Raspberry Pi.

(taken/described by Dinorah Galicia)