2023 04 J. Phy. Chem. C (ion beam irradiation on PVSK)

Our perovskite research in collaboration with U. Toledo (Prof. Yan’s group) and Los Alamos National Lab (Drs. A. Jones and M. Pettes) has been published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry-C.

Focused ion beam techniques have been frequently used to section metal-halide perovskites for microstructural investigations. However, the ion beams directly irradiating the sample surface may alter its properties far different from those of pristine, potentially leading to modified deterioration mechanisms under aging stressors. Read more

2022 10 Dr. Yoon gives a talk at the 6th CdTe Workshop.

Our recent results on CdTe solar cells (group-V, Cu-doped CST absorbers) were shared at the 6th CdTe workshop. Etee Kawna Roy primarily leads this work. The microcontact approach complements diverse group efforts in the CTAC (Cadmium Telluride Accelerator Consortium; https://www.usa-cdte.org/). We thank our collaborator (First Solar, NREL) for sharing the high-quality CdTe samples.