2018 12 Poster Presentation (eMicroscopy class)

Graduate students in the ECE 6960-006 (eMicroscopy) gave a poster presentation, a part of final project. This interdisciplinary course provides the fundamental knowledge about the (scanning) electron microscopy and the practical lab sessions at the Utah’s Nanofab. The poster session was open to public. Students, thank you for all your hard work!

High resolution SEM imaging of transverse tensile cracks in polymer matrix composites (Caitlin Arndt, Mechanical Engineering)

SEM Porosity characterization of the Jurassic Pimienta Formation (Carlos Vega-Ortiz, Chemical Engineering)

Nanostructure of Cu2O Nanofiber (Karthikeyan Baskaran, Materials Science Engineering)

A look at Resistive RAM (Patsy Cdareanu, Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Electron Microscopy Investigations of asphaltenes precipitation with inorganic solids (Weiyi Kong, Chemical Engineering)

GaN Neutron Radiation (Sam Sprawls, Electrical and Computer Engineering)