2023 04 J. Phy. Chem. C (ion beam irradiation on PVSK)

Our perovskite research in collaboration with U. Toledo (Prof. Yan’s group) and Los Alamos National Lab (Drs. A. Jones and M. Pettes) has been published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry-C.

Focused ion beam techniques have been frequently used to section metal-halide perovskites for microstructural investigations. However, the ion beams directly irradiating the sample surface may alter its properties far different from those of pristine, potentially leading to modified deterioration mechanisms under aging stressors. Read more

2024 03 Etee presents her research at the CTAC Workshop.

Etee gave a presentation of her research at the CTAC workshop. In this talk, she focused on her robust fabrication processes to define small contacts on individual grains. Understanding local transport near gran boundaries is critical in the development of higher-performance CdTe solar cells. CdTe PVs are one of the most promising solar technologies that meet the LCOE (levelized cost of energy) of the Department of Energy. (more information).