2018 07 Electronic Materials Conference

Yoon’s group presented two research projects at the 60th EMC conference (June 27 ~ June 29, 2018; University of California, Santa Barbara, CA)

♦ Large-area MoTe2 Film Growth Using High-Vacuum Ampoule Process (David Magginetti, Xueling Cheng, Prashanth Gopalan, BerardiSensale-Rodriguez, and Heayoung Yoon)

♦ Local Photovoltage / NSOM Imaging of ZnTe/CdTe Back Contact (Yohan Yoon, David Magginetti, Erfan Pourshaban, Vasilios Palekis, Chih An Hsu, Mike Scarpulla, Chris Ferekides, and Heayoung Yoon)